Thursday, August 06, 2009


A couple of old potatoes sitting in the bowl, gotta make something before they start growing or turning green. This gnocchi from 101 Cookbooks recipe sounds good, may be a little finicky since I've never made gnocchi before, just thought about it a bunch, oh what the heck.

I boiled the potatoes and after they drained and cooled enough to touch, peeled and pushed through a sieve since I don't have a food mill, worked great. Didn't add the egg since it held together okay, ended up making it the way I make fresh Chinese noodles or any pasta and it worked fine.

The part with the fork is a bit tricky but practice makes perfect. And oh these taste perfect, wonderful tender little pillows of yummy potatoes in your mouth.


Deneen said...

I grew up making these with my Italian grandmother. We didn't use egg and we didn't use a fork-we rolled into tubes, cut pieces and then used our finger to push in the center and "flip them"-them we laid them on cookie sheet-froze them and then bagged them up for the freezer.

As kids, we all called them bullets, cause they laid like lead in our tummies.

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