Thursday, August 31, 2006

Cable Wristwarmers

I've always had a mental block about knitted cables ... somehow they are so lovely but in my head I thought so difficult, I couldn't do that. Well, I decided I would knit cables so armed with my clunky needles and Bernat Softee Chunky yarn in gray, this intrepid knitter (hah!) started with one twist and after a bit of awkwardness soon had one rectangle with thick twining cables! Cool.

I didn't want a scarf or a big project so I made another one and they became wristwarmers. Soft and warm. This was a really fun fast way to try a new, albeit intimidating stitch. Funny how these little things can make one so happy.

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BlogDay 2006

Today is BlogDay 2006 and the idea is to link to five sites that you normally would not link to. This took a little thought. Besides crafts and cooking, I wanted to take a different look, expand and delve into it's place in the world.

There are some beautiful felting and fiber arts pieces at Layers of Meaning. I'm going to make one of those recycled felted blankets one of these days.

Some great photoshop tips here at Love the pirates poster.

I feel like is a kindred soul. She also makes some lovely yarn.

Sometimes when I miss the chinese food and culture I had growing up I visit Cha Xiu Bao for some truly authentic stuff. This is the stuff my dad would always talk about and try to replicate at home. No egg foo young here folks.

I like the indian food and cultural aspects at Mahanandi. Lots of great information, I feel like I'm visiting the home of friends.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Newbie Knitted Scarf

Whenever I go to my lys I always touch Moda Dea's Cache yarn, it's so pretty, variegated wool wound with a touch of glittery gold. I picked up a skein at my lys and wanted a simple little project, something that would show off the color and texture.

Working with basic knitting stitches this lovely scarf is a great beginner project.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Newbie Knitter

I thought I'd try knitting again. I had an old set of metal needles and some yarn in my stash, but I was quickly bored and I'm not sure I'm even doing it right. A couple of books said it was easier for beginners to use bulky yarn and big needles so I dug out this bulky wool I had and dyed it some great colors for fall and winter. What a good excuse to dye more yarn!
Then I made some big clunky needles with a wood dowel using instructions on Craftster. That was really fun and they turned out nice too.

On to the knitting. I found a website with good video instruction and that helped get me started. Using stockinette stitch, this bulky yarn works up pretty quickly. It's so much easier to figure out. I think I've got the hang of purling but I'm still all elbows with the knitting stitch. The variegated yarn helps to see progress too. Along the way a couple of stitches disappeared while I was watching tv and being clueless about what to do, I frogged the whole thing. I guess it's good practice.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Wool Cable Purse

I signed up for the Crochetville purse swap so there are purse possibilities swirling around in my head. I made this wool version of my cable purse and it turned out so nice I'm keeping it for myself. If my swap partner likes it I'll make one especially for her.

*pattern available here (edited to add).



It's been so hot lately, too hot to go out, so I've been keeping busy by crocheting. Here are a few little cupcakes I crocheted, although a couple of them look a little like ice cream cones.


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