Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Has anyone else been feeling sluggish? Not sure if it's this weather or what I've been eating but I've been feeling sluggish and just icky for the last couple of weeks and forgot to post this. Anyways, here are photos of my latest shawl, Aurora.

This project came together in an interesting way. I used a similar stitch pattern for a traveling scarf and when it was complimented my friend Cerdeb suggested that it would look good with Noro. Anyways many months passed and I was thinking of what to make with some Noro Silk Garden that I had bought to make a shawl. Sometimes I see these lovely variegated yarns and they are so pretty I just want them but don't have anything planned. So I but some, sometimes just one or two skeins, sometimes a little more if I have a general idea on the type of garment, and then it arrives home and sits there for a while. Especially with variegated yarns, it's harder to figure a pattern because of the possibility of pooling? So I wanted to make something that deals with all these concerns, showing off the color, quantity of yarn.

You can take just about any amount of yarn in your stash and make a lovely kerchief, headscarf, scarf or shawl with Aurora.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Giant Eco Ball

Cascade Eco Wool wound into a giant ball. Those are really big skeins. And surprisingly soft too.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Chevy Cap

Wow, it's been a while. Problems all year with the computer but tg that's fixed now. Anyways, here's a cute new hat, the Chevy Hat. When I made the Chevy Bag, as I was crocheting I kept thinking it would work well as a hat, I even put the bag on my head. Like the Chevy Bag, it's based on the chevron stitch and uses two colorways to create the stripes. It's funkier than I'm used to wearing but it's such fun, it's my new fav.

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