Thursday, May 08, 2008

Purse Organizer

The new website and blog is finally up! Thanks for your patience during construction. To celebrate, I'm posting this new free pattern. It's simple and easy, and so functional. I've noticed that unless I sew a pocket into the lining of purses, for the most part they are one giant bag. Well, I have a bunch of stuff, cell phone, lipstick, lip balm, hand sanitizer, biz cards, receipts, and more and it all gets jumbled together. I remembered seeing a purse organizer on tv and found it on the internet, then thought it would make a good felted project. It was so fast and easy to crochet it up, then I threw it in the washer a couple of times, blocked it and it was good to go. It works great. I can load all my stuff in it, roll it up and stick it in my purse, easy. Plus, it's so easy to change purses now. Don't know how I lived without it before. Download pdf instructions here.

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