Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Leaf Collection pt 1

Three new scarf patterns are available now that I think of as the leaf collection. Not sure if three constitutes a collection but it's how I see it in my head. Thought I would write about each of them here.
The first is Foliage. This design had been floating around in my head but it hadn't fully gelled yet, the yarn, how to make it, etc. I had been frustrated with variegated yarns and how they pool and read on Ravelry others felt the same. I love the beauty of variegated yarns, all the different colors and the way they transition but sometimes the way they work up on finished items doesn't do it justice with the pooling and the way they stripe.
Around this time, my swap buddy sent me two skeins of Noro Silk Garden in a swap, been wanting to try this yarn for a while, the colors are really lovely. While I was looking for a pattern for the yarn, my head put two and two together and Foliage came together pretty quickly after that. I love the way the colors pool and it shows off the yarn and the wearer of the scarf.

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