Thursday, October 19, 2006

Green Wool Purse

I like carrying a purse with a shoulder strap so I worked up the wool cable purse pattern in this olive green color and used a longer 20" leather purse handle. My personal favorite of all my purses so far, color, texture and a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap gives it a whole new look!


Friday, October 13, 2006

Autumn Secret Pal Reveal Package

I have the best secret pal, Misty Strouth, aka Mom4x. I received this wonderful reveal package from Misty. In the package there was a beautiful shawl, two big balls of thread, a doily pattern booklet, a thread crochet hook (all to get me started on doilies - yay!), a retractable tape measure (how did you know mine just broke?), a glass picture frame, a purse notebook, a box of delicious Hershey pure dark chocolate and a lovely letter.

Here are a couple of close ups of the shawl. She made this beautiful shawl in, get this, thread, that's right, thread not yarn! It is two lovely shades of rose and trimmed in white. I can't believe she finished it in two months, I would need two years and a couple new pairs of glasses.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

Bulky Alpaca

I loved the light weight alpaca I got at a lys and the lovely results from dyeing. I thought a bulky alpaca would be great for winter, soft, light and warm. So I found some bulky alpaca yarn and pulled out the dye pot and here are the beautiful results. I call this first one Jewels of the Sea, very saturated colors in lovely jewel tones.
This next one is Deep in the Night. During the dyeing process, the yarn absorbed so much dye, I wrote it off as a failure. To my surprise, after it was dried, you can see the subtle gradations of color, still dark but in a mysterious way. Deep dark and rich.
p.s. these yarns are for sale.


Sunday, October 01, 2006

"Suede" Shoulder Bag

I started this project early this year but with the warm weather it got stuffed in a drawer and neglected. With fall here, I pulled it out, worked out the kinks and wrote up the pattern.

For a while I wondered if this bag would ever come together, the yarn was too soft, blah blah blah, instead I worked with it's qualities and came up with a soft chic casual everyday bag. The Lion Suede yarn was perfect for this bag.


Felted Coffee Cup Cozy

Lately I've been hangin' out at my local coffeehouses and with those paper coffee cups in front of me all the time I just had to make a coffee cup cozy. Sometimes I get girly so I made it pink and ruffled. It's felted too.

This time I took notes and wrote up the pattern right away otherwise it'd get lost in the cracks. I'm making this available free on my website.


Website Re-do

I finished a couple of new patterns and didn't really have space to put them on the website so I redesigned that too. Was just going to make some minor changes to make space for new stuff but then with the yarns too and I got some ideas into my head and I ended up redesigning most of it. I almost gave up the first day when those little cells kept moving but after I realized I should really understand how to do it the right way, it came together really quickly. I like it much better. What do you think?

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