Sunday, September 20, 2009

So Good English Muffins

Wow, these turned out so good, I just had to post. They are beyond anything available at the grocery stores, and really exceeded my expectations for homemade. I was expecting good but these are really delicious. There are lots of pretty recipes out there and with the food pron and blogging, sometimes when I try a recipe, it ... ahem ... falls a little short. So imagine my delight when these turned out better than expected.

The recipe is Dan Lepard's Cider Vinegar Muffins from The Guardian in the UK so you know it's authentic. I used half white wheat flour from TJ's and half organic AP from WF, and used only half the apple cider vinegar and subbed the rest with water as recommended in Next time will try all the vinegar since I couldn't detect it at all and maybe all wheat. I rolled the dough and used the cutter but with the leftover edges, I just rolled it into a ball and flattened it and it came out fine so don't worry if you don't have the wide cutter as the recipe recommends.


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