Saturday, August 16, 2008


Webs is having its summer sale and Cascade Jazz was only $2 a ball, 100g a ball. It was described as a thick and thin yarn, comparable to Colinette Point Five, normally retails for $19.99 each. Well, I always wanted to try Colinette Point Five so I thought I would try this, at $2 a ball a great deal even though I wasn't nuts about some of the colorways. I ordered 15 skeins, 3 colors, hopefully enough to make a throw.

It arrived pretty quickly, I was excited to open the box. The yarn is so soft, the softest thick wool I've worked with and the colors are, well, okay, not great. After crocheting a ball of #319, its pretty too much pink for what I wanted so I decided to try overdyeing some of the skeins. I wanted to tone down the brightness so I overdyed a couple of skeins in some brown, that was better. The other two skeins I overdyed with red, #319 has mostly pink and orange with a little purple and blue, so the red wouldn't turn everything a dark brown. The wool took the color beautifully. Here's a pic :
I was really happy with the results so I decided to overday #320, which is mostly primary colors, yellow, green, red, a little blue, think pretty bright basic crayolas. I tested a couple of alternatives and decided to go heavy with the green. It turned out a little dark and felted a little but still a big improvement. Here's the result.These turned out so nice and the yarn is so soft, I wish I had ordered more, a steal at $2 a ball.


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