Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Year

I hate being sick. My allergies were very bad in November and my doctor has told me when that happens I have to be very careful to prevent a sinus infection. Well I was fighting it and trying to ward it off. I realized it got me though when I kept wanting to spend the whole day in bed, in addition to coughing up some nasty colored stuff. I got some uber strong antibiotics from the doc, didn't recognize the name of the stuff and when I googled it, it said it was the last resort meds when others haven't worked. Even then, it took a while.

I was barely able to get the package together for my holiday swap pal, made a couple of cute ornaments, slippers, shawl, can't remember everything. Ooh, I wish I could have taken pics.

For short periods, I worked on some knitting projects. I got this marble yarn I'd been eyeing and made a pair of fingerless gloves. I was a little worried about all the shaping and doing the fingers. Very nice!
I also started the Donna sweater with my bag of Cache yarn that I've been accumulating with discount coupons. I had to make a lot of adjustments, crossing my fingers, hope they work out. I've finished the back and am working on the front now.

Last, I've been wanting to do a diagonal wrap for a while so I finally got that started too.
Now that I'm feeling better, I wanted to let you know that I've got some new cool crochet patterns coming soon. Perfecting the details now. Stay tuned!



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