Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Newbie Knitter

I thought I'd try knitting again. I had an old set of metal needles and some yarn in my stash, but I was quickly bored and I'm not sure I'm even doing it right. A couple of books said it was easier for beginners to use bulky yarn and big needles so I dug out this bulky wool I had and dyed it some great colors for fall and winter. What a good excuse to dye more yarn!
Then I made some big clunky needles with a wood dowel using instructions on Craftster. That was really fun and they turned out nice too.

On to the knitting. I found a website with good video instruction and that helped get me started. Using stockinette stitch, this bulky yarn works up pretty quickly. It's so much easier to figure out. I think I've got the hang of purling but I'm still all elbows with the knitting stitch. The variegated yarn helps to see progress too. Along the way a couple of stitches disappeared while I was watching tv and being clueless about what to do, I frogged the whole thing. I guess it's good practice.

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busyHSmom said...

Oh my goodness! That is some gorgeous yarn you dyed!! Please, please tell me how you did it!! I am wanting to learn and if I could do THAT I would be so thrilled!

I don't know many folks who decide to take up knitting and begin by hand dying some yarn and hand carving some knitting needles!! ;-D Most just run out and buy some cheap stuff and get started. Your knitting looks very neat and even.

I am participating in the 'Ville's Autumn Secret Pal Swap too. I am glad I found your blog. Very nice!

Jo said...

Thank-you! I'm flattered you like the yarn. That particular colourway required a bit of effort to achieve. Maybe I will put together a dyeing tutorial one of these days.

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